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Children Dentistry

A child's first visit should be calm and joyful. From these first experiences, children can develop fear or, on the contrary, a sense of normality in visiting the dentist. Early childhood tooth decay is common but harmful. Therefore, parents should come to visit us after the first year of life.

Child's First Visit: I ensure your child feels comfortable and familiarized with the practice and staff. I also may need to take x-rays to diagnose any anomaly if necessary. 

Nitrous Oxide: "Laughing gas" is a safe and effective way to sedate patients with mild anxiety. You can drive afterwards, and children can return to school after the procedure. 

General Dentistry


We remove the tooth when the fracture, infection, or cavity is so severe that we cannot save it. Afterwards, options for replacing the lost tooth include bridges, dentures, and implants. 


After a tooth suffers, among other causes, from cavities, fractures, tooth wear from grinding, or damage to a previous filling, we restore it with a filling. We use white composite and silver amalgam to restore the tooth. Each case is unique, so we discuss the appropriate options for your needs and desires.


Root Canal 
Root canals are safe and predictable procedures that relieve tooth pain and make teeth healthy again. We remove the inflamed or infected pulp when this one becomes necrotic or diseased. Then, we disinfect the root system and restore the tooth to function.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Tooth Whitening:

Patients with discoloured teeth often ask what their options are to brighten their smiles. Individuals without crowns, veneers or restorative fillings can consider tooth whitening. We created a loyalty program that rewards your passion for being interested in your oral health (Ask for details). We offer in-house treatment, customized bleaching trays and home treatments. 

Esthetic Bonding

It is a dental technique; we add resin or white filling material to correct or change the shape of worn, malaligned or spaced-out teeth.


If you have a stained, chipped or slightly rotated tooth, we can place porcelain facing on your teeth to correct these deficiencies. 

Diagnostic Tools and Exams

Complete Oral Examination

The COE is an essential exam that allows us to establish your current oral health condition. We diagnose your periodontal and tooth health. Additionally, we perform oral cancer screening vital for the early detection of oral oncological problems. Then, we give you different options, and together we decide on the best action plan for obtaining a stable oral condition. 

Emergency Exams

We can intervene to make you comfortable when you are in pain or discomfort. Usually, we book an appointment later to solve the situation more permanently. In selected cases, we can perform a more extensive procedure on the same day of the emergency appointment. 

Digital X-rays, Digital Panoramic and Intraoral Photography

Our office offers digital X-rays and panoramic that produce 90% less radiation than the analog system. Thus, we can diagnose cavities, fractures, and other dental issues effectively and accurately. In real-time, we can show you images that clearly explain your oral health state. Also, we can see your mouth's interior with the latest intraoral photography technology. 


We can offer the latest technology in the dental market. You won't need to undergo impressions with the oral scanner because we can obtain them digitally. You can see your teeth and gum details in a three-D model. 

Tooth Replacement

A crown restores the tooth to its standard size, shape and function. This procedure aims to strengthen the tooth and improve its aesthetics, thus restoring the tooth and protecting it from further damage. You can choose from metal, porcelain, and porcelain-fused-to-metal. I recommend crowns after the tooth undergoes a root canal treatment or is so weak that the risk of fracture is imminent.

When Missing Teeth Are Not Replaced


A bridge is a dental restoration that replaces one or more missing teeth with artificial teeth fused between two crowns, implants or natural teeth. A bridge is held firmly in place by your teeth on each side of the missing one(s) or by dental implants. A bridge is a fixed solution, and you cannot remove it. We use ceramic, metal or a combination of both. We can discuss what material is more appropriate to suit your personal needs.


An implant is an artificial titanium-metal root that replaces a missing tooth. Implants restore function and aesthetics and prevent bone loss. A patient can get one or more implants to recover a natural appearance. If a patient has enough bone in the jaw, they can be a candidate for an implant.

Full denture: When all teeth are extracted from an arch (upper and-or lower) and replaced with removable teeth.

Partial Denture: When one or more teeth are lost, and we replace them with removable tooth.


Mouthguards: Clenching and grinding are very common and can cause severe damage to teeth. Especially when a person is sleeping and cannot control the occlusion of their teeth, teeth can suffer erosion, abfraction, and other problems that can weaken the enamel, exposing the dentin. Mouthguards are essential tools to preserve your teeth' health.

Periodontal Maintenance

Our Periodontal Maintenance Program is the core of our philosophy. Patients with a correct home oral routine, periodic visits to the hygienists, and a trustworthy relationship with their dentist will achieve balance and oral health that will also irradiate their general health.


Sealants: Dental sealings are a thin coat of material that can prevent cavities, especially for kids. Although effective, oral hygiene and routine exams are pivotal to maintaining a mouth free of cavities.

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