Ask Dr. Jeff

Ask Dr. Jeff


We know that sometimes people have questions when it comes to the dentist. 

We want you to feel as educated and comfortable as possible when you come to Byronwood Dental.

We have put together some questions many people ask...


1. How long has Dr. Jeff been practising?  

Since the summer of 2007. That totals over 10 years of experience and counting. 


2. Is Dr. Jeff good with nervous patients? 

We understand that some people can get nervous coming to the dentist.  We take time to understand you and make you comfortable through patience and understanding.  If need be, we have testimonials to certify Dr. Jeff capacity in dealing with nervous patients.


3. Is Dr. Jeff good with kids & does he treat them?

Prior to being a dentist, Dr. Jeff was a teacher in Nova Scotia. He has an outgoing personality and respect for kids. Fortunately, he has a lot of experience with kids.


4. Does Byronwood ever use sedation?

When applicable, we use nitrex or laughing gas at a very affordable price.


5. Does Dr. Jeff work by himself or with other dentists?

Although we have a complete staff, Dr. Jeff is our only dentist at Byronwood and we feel strongly about developing personalized attention to each client.


6. Does Byronwood dental do orthodontics?



7. Is Dr. jeff flexible with treatment options?

But, of course... We present to the patient multiple options without pushing any one treatment. This allows our patients the ability to be comfortable in the direction.


8. Are you folks available evenings or weekends?

We work on Tuesday until 8 pm.


9. Will Dr jeff he put people to sleep?

No. But where needed we can use Nitrous Oxide.


11. Is it painful to have the freezing done in the mouth? 

No. We use the Wand that is a computerized system pain-free that guarantees the comfort of the patient.

11. Does Byronwood Dental he have free parking?

Yes, we do!


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