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  1. PATIENT OF RECORD. It is a patient whose primary interest is to prevent future dental problems. Patients of record have a Complete Oral Examination, x-rays (Bitewings and Panoramic), and regular appointments with the hygienists. Also, they can call us when they need an emergency appointment. 

  2. EMERGENCY PATIENT: Only comes to the practice when they feel pain and need urgent intervention and control of pain. 


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Dentist Accepting New Patients

London, Ontario

Looking for a dentist?

Byronwood Dental is a dentist accepting new patients in London, Ontario. We are a family friendly dentist that services all ages.  We take pride in our individual care of each patient and look forward to meeting you soon.

We are a pain-free dental clinic with sensitivity to all teeth. Operating in Byron West London, Ontario, we are a family dentist that takes great pride in the care of our patients. 

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