When you have a chipped tooth or teeth, a crown is a good solution for protecting from further damage


Dental crowns are a good option when your tooth is severely damaged or weakened and requires an embracing hug of a crown. Also, when a tooth is misshaped or discoloured, the crown restores the tooth to a more aesthetically pleasing state.


Crowns or Caps, as they are commonly referred to; take two (2) appointments spaced two (2) weeks apart.


During your first appointment, Dr. Jeff will gently file down a small amount of tooth to make more room for the crown and allow adhesion. During this appointment, they will make a mould of your tooth to send to the lab, where the permanent crown or cap will eventually be fabricated.


While the crown is being made in the lab, a temporary crown will be provided for your tooth.

In the second appointment, Dr Jeff will painlessly cement the crown to your tooth. This last appointment is very short and rarely takes longer than thirty minutes.

In the case of more serious issues, where you have lost a tooth, implant-supported-crowns may be required.


A dental implant consists of a titanium root that is placed into the bone and a crown is affixed to it. It can take a few months after the implant is placed into the bone before a crown can be placed. During this period a removable tooth is provided to replace the missing tooth.


To understand the entire process, it is recommended you have a consultation with Dr. Jeff to fully understand what to expect and for a smooth transition with your new Dental Crowns and that beautiful smile!


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Dental Crowns

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Starrt With A chipped Tooth

A chipped tooth is a good candidate for a cap or a dental crown.

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